The Pirat-X: Cutter Suction Dredger

From Germany to Nigeria.

Representative of the client

In 2018 we received a request to find a dredger for B&Q Dredging, part of the Nestoil Group. After we have identified a couple of candidates in the world, we were introduced to the Pirat-X in Papenburg Germany.

This specially designed dredger was built for a large land-reclamation project in the North of Germany. She performed phenomenal but she completed phase one of the Wieserport in 5 years. After this project, no other large land-reclamation projects came in her path.


After a few years the owners, Johann Bunte Papenburg, decide to let her go and we started the our voyage. Our clients B&Q dredging are active on a very large project in Nigeria, the 2nd Nigerbridge, and the Pirat-X would be perfect Dredger to work on the required scope.

After our first impression, CAB van der Vinne developed a full plan for the Pirat-X. Since the dredger will be employed full, it was decided to completely overhaul the vessel in Germany and make sure she will land in Nigeria as new, and ready for work. With the help of many Dutch and German companies, some of them involved when she was built, we managed to overhaul the engines, mechanical parts, the electrical components, pumps, wires and more. A great time the 10 weeks we worked together.

The biggest challenge: Logistics to Nigeria

Next to the Pirat-X overhaul, we also had to decide how we wanted to ship, 1700 tons of spareparts, pipes, rubber sacks, anchors that was part of the project. We were able to procure the Lübeck 5, a large submersible pontoon of 60 x 20 meters, capable of handling 2400 ton of cargo, We designed supporting structure and developed the loading plan.

The next step, was to find the Heavy Lift Submersible vessel that could sail her to Nigeria. We came in contact with Boskalis, and agreed the way forward. The Mighty Servant 1 was a contracted. The permissions to tow the Pirat-X and Lübeck 5 were granted by the German autorities and after 10 weeks our journey began.

The spuds of the Pirat-X had to come down for the voyage.
We designed a hoisting plan and we hired a 500 ton crane to lift the 2 pieces of 42 meter poles, weighing 40 ton each. These poles were laid down on the barge, in combination with the 1700 ton cargo.


We were incredible fortunate with the weather, and I decided to join her on her trip from Papenburg to the Eemshaven. The Tugboats from Bijma in Groningen were doing a great job, as the Pirat-X and the Lübeck 5 are not aerodynamic designed.

On arrival in the Eemshaven the Mighty Servant was preparing herself for the float-on loading. She sunk controlled in the Beatrix port to a depth of 13,5 meter. This was a first time for the Mighty Servant 1 but also for the Eemshaven.

The loading went exactly as planned and she sailed to her new destination on 20th of July 2019.


Check below video to watch the timelapse of the voyage of the Pirat-X Dredger from Papenburg-Eemshaven to Nigeria and the offloading of the Mighty Servant 1 at Bonny Midstream

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