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Transporting your goods from and to Nigeria can be quite a challenge. CAB van der Vinne is your reliable partner who can arrange any form logistics for you. By ship, by air or by road.

CAB van der Vinne can take care of any query driven purchase that you need to do. From a small paperclip to a fullsize oiltanker.

In the recent years we purchased a long list of various products for Nigerian clients. Most of the time we go straight to the European OEM and negotiate the best deals for our clients. Products like safety clothing, special paint, tools, compressors, building materials, armoured cars, trailers, machines etc. etc.

Are you ready for a reliable partnership that can boost your business? We’ll help you find the right partner, in Nigeria as well as in Europe.

We are working with clients that are looking for partnerships in Europe. Our company makes sure that the both sides understands each other. In the last 10 years we have not only accompanied many European companies while taking their first steps into Nigeria, but also accompanied many Nigerian companies in finding the right partners in Europe.

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