Meet Joop van der Vinne

Joop van der Vinne is a Dutch entrepreneur with a focus on Nigeria and the driving force of CAB van der Vinne. He offers an extensive network in Nigeria, Europe and the United States of America. As a procurement company, communicator and matchmaker Joop is active in this vibrent country for European companies that want to enter/ expand in Nigeria and for Nigerian companies that have a strong demand for quality products or processes.

Our experience

With over a decade of experience in connecting companies between Nigeria and The Netherlands, CAB van der Vinne has proven to be highly experienced in many fields.

Business Development < 25 years
Nigeria expert > 10 years
Query and Demand > 10 years
Logistics Nigeria-Rest of the World > 10 years

Principles of our work

No nonsense

Joop van der Vinne is known for his no-nonsense appraoch. To the point, straight forward and fast with a clear vision.


Reliability is key in doing business. We stick to our promises and will always inform you clear and in time during the process.

Always look at the bright side

Especially in a country with great challenges, it’s not always easy to stay positive. Our optimistic way of working has proven to be a great asset in getting things done.


In the past years we have built great knowledge and expertise in many fields. This has only been possible because we always have a focus on the highest quality for our clients.

Our projects

With a variety of clients, we also have a large variety of projects. From purchasing all kind of goods or delivering a brand new office building to connecting the right people from different countries. Here’s a sneak preview of our work.


End-to End project GmbH-UAE-NG Sensia Metering systems


Sea BB RAK-LOS Project Presentation


Air UAE-Ughelli Project Presentation


China-Nigeria Load-in Project Presentation

Our services

Doing business in Nigeria, even as a Nigerian company, is not an easy task. With our no-nonsense approach and many years of experience, we have accompanied both Nigerian and non-Nigerian companies in facing their challenges in the largest economy on the African continent. Want to know what we can do for you?