Full overhaul of a dredger engine on location, Lagos


  • Client: B&Q Dredging, Nigeria
  • Location: Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria
  • Startdate: September 2018
  • Status: Completed


One of our clients had a big problem with one of their dredgers. A 16 Cylinder, 60 liter engine was spoiled and caused massive delay for their project..

We organised two of our partners for years, DPP Dieseltechniek van der Kolk and Santen Technics Turbochargers, both experts from the Netherlands, to join us to Nigeria and solve the problem. A full overhaul out on the waters, with limited access to almost everything.

Parts were flown in from all over the world, and in an incredible short time we managed to bring her back to life.

Working in Nigeria requires special skill, that not everybody has. Our client is dredging sand again, exactly within our program and budget.


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