Power to the People: a revolutionary global concept!

-Aid by Trade-Profitable charity?

In 2015 we developed a concept called “Power to the People” , a concept that actually will bring back the power in the hands that deserve it. It all starts with decentralised power LPG/Solarpanel driven, operated and maintained by one entity. If the power is cost-effectively and reliable, the businesses around it will grow naturally.

Next step is a co-operation between all stakeholders, from top till down, from the farmer in the field to the CEO of the global corporates. Once you create an micro economy future, and prosperity many problems like hunger, migration, wars, corruption will disappear.

Also overpopulation will be positively effected, as the more future one has, the less children you need to survive on an old age. I have presented this to members of different companies, EU governments, to members of the EU 5 years ago, but it was too soon I think in 2015.

Now it’s time. And guess what, it will work in any emerging country, not only #Nigeria

So, feel free to contact me to set this up, its not rocket science and all made from existing products and processes.

Published in 2016:

Power to the People is a solution that will work in any part of the world. Our focus is on Nigeria since we have the most knowledge of that country. Since we are Dutch, we made this presentation to show Dutch companies the potentials of Aid by Trade, but it will work everywhere. We truly believe that the PttP concept can combine all the problems in underdeveloped parts of the world, and also can create revenue.

Nothing in life is for free, and as long as companies can not make a profit out of “charity” nothing will happen. Only the world population is growing in a dangerous pace, and will not stop if people need to survive on a daily base. The key is to get, drinking water, nutricious food, training, jobs, affordable clean power, agriculture, safety, to the masses. PttP is a combination of this, and will be profitable.

The base of the total concept is getting affordable clean energy to the people and use this in the multiple challenges.

The start point is to get the benefiting parties on the table and develop this concept together.

The concepts is too large to handle for one man, so we decided to make it available for everybody. Open source…..

There are 35 slides in total in the presentation and you require an open mind to see the concept grow from a power supplying unit to a Telecom tower into a small town.

The presentation, can be send to you, by a simple mail to us j.vinne@cabvandervinne.com

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